I have never written so many translator's notes!  

Everything in italics is in English in the original.
--!Super Cat

Music and lyrics by Gackt C.
English translation by !Super Cat

You're a sincere moralist, you touch me with pretty fingers
I'm a pure terrorist, revolutions occur as you wish

A specialist in this kind of love, your long nails get me erect
I'm an egoist who wants to make you love me, I want to push myself  inside you

The closer I get to losing control
The more your face grows distant

Can I love you?   In this trembling night
Do it just like that . . . do it more . . . deeper . . .
At the grind of your lips claiming mine
I am your . . . Vanilla

". . . You're so affected,"   You are cool and plastic
With hot looks like an ecologist, and a hot, irritating kiss

Your face is growing hazy
I have to do it to myself

Can I love you?  In this trembling night
Do it just like that . . . do it more . . . faster . . .
Your bruising lips hurt me more when you're speaking
You and I are not . . . burning love

How many mornings do we have
Before this night ends
I'm dying surrounded by white flowers
Which scatter in the sky

Can I love you?  In this trembling night
Do it just like that . . . "I've seen a tail."
The shame almost burns me, I'm falling for you
A crew sees cring knees
I wanna need.  Not betray!!

Can I love you?  In this trembling night
Do it just like that . . . do it more . . . you are . . .
At the grind of your hips against mine
You are  . . . my . . . keeper

Translator's notes:   (I'm not quite sure where to start).  The opening line, kirei na yubi de boku o nazoru (You touch me with pretty fingers) is innocent enough on the surface, but it has a double meaning.  Nazoru more literally means "trace" or "outline", and kirei na yubi can mean "pretty fingers," or simply, "a pretty finger."    Wait a minute, you say, the sentence "You outline me with a pretty finger," doesn't make any sense.  Er, well, it does when you realize that Gackt uses boku (me) synonymously with boku no paato (my, er, male part) throughout this song.  ("You trace my xxxx with a pretty finger.")

It's a lot easier to understand why "your long nails get me erect" when you understand the real meaning of this first line.

Yes, the word is literally "erect," the Japanese is tatorareta boku.  I deliberated for a long time over the word choice, but what the hell, "get me erect" is probably Gackt's most famous lyric in translation.  (Rightly).  @_@

I wrote, "The closer I get to losing control" though the Japanese is more explicitly, "The closer I get to ejaculating."  Except that Gackt's way of saying ejaculating in Japanese is coy and pretty.  There are no coy pretty ways of saying that in English, when you get right down to it, are there?

I chose to translate aishite mo ii kai? as Can I love you? but be aware that this question is asking permission ("May I love you?") and also carries the meaning,  "Would this (everything) still be okay if I loved you?"  My impression is that in this very sexual relationship, love is taboo.  In fact, I always get the feeling that everything goes here-- except  love.   Fall in love and it's over, baby.

MJJ made the interesting point that in the sentence yoreru yoru (trembling night) yoreru carried the image of an earthquake, buildings shaking and swaying.  I tossed up between, "As the night shakes around us," and "In this trembling night."  I liked the idea that trembles might doubly refer to "Can I love you?" (trembling at the audacity of the question), as well as the next line, "Do it just like that . . . " (trembling at the frenzied passion of the sex).  But it was hard to give up "shakes" because I liked the image of the night shaking because bed is banging up against the wall.  ^_^

Although it doesn't appear in the written lyrics, Gackt whispers, "Kami-sama . . . ", before the line which begins, ". . .nante kidorisugi"  (" . . . You're so affected").  Kami-sama means God in Japanese.  Gackt is not talking about Kami from Malice Mizer, despite the rumours that ran wild on the MM yaoi mailing list some years ago.

(Blush)   Um.  In the line boku wa boku de iraremasu you ni, um, my translation of "I have to do it to myself," is a somewhat oblique version of the original.   Basically, this iraremasu is written in hiragana and the line would simply mean, "It's like being myself," or "It's like doing it my way," except that Gackt writes the masu part of the word in katakana, which changes the implied meaning and throws the sentence into a rather pornographic new light.

The line, "I'm dying surrounded by white flowers that scatter in the sky," is already a pretty strong metaphor for a male orgasm.  But Gackt takes it a step further.  When he sings, shiroi hana ni kaomarete iku, he really stresses the iku.  This is a play on words.  In bedroom slang Japanese, iku is used in the same way as come/cum is used in English.  In the live version of this song, Gackt even adds a breathy, extra iku wa ("I'm coming . . . ") to the end of this line.

(Wa is girl-Japanese when it is used at the end of the sentence, just by the by.  Boys don't say iku wa when they come, they say  iku yo).  @_@

Further notes:  This song is sex.  You can watch the Japanese lyrics progress through the foreplay, into the main event and all the way to completion.  The chorus is written to (blush) mimic thrusts (try singing along and you'll get what I mean).  Lastly, the picture that accompanies Vanilla in the lyric booklet is super cute, it's all cute pinks and yellows, and in it, a girl is eating a vanilla ice cream, cuuuute, except that someone has smeared the ice cream all over her chest where it is running in rivellets that look exactly like You Know.  (blushing hotly)  *^_^*

On the English:  No one knows what A crew sees cring knees means.  There is an online lobby group who argue that it is a blowjob reference.  Possibly?  Gackt's English generally = whatever you want it to be.  ^_^

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