Series in alphabetical order.

    Harry Potter | Lord of the Rings | Lord of the Rings RPS | Moonchild | The Vampire Chronicles | X-Men


    Harry Potter

    All Save the Good
    52KB | PG | Snape, Draco | Jan 2005
    Sometimes you find it is the most unexpected people who have what it takes to be a hero.


    Who You're Dealing With
    LJ SNIPPET | PG | Draco/Harry (sort of) | Dec 2003

    Lord of the Rings

    School of Rings
    WIP | AU | NC-17 | Aragorn x Legolas | Jan 2003-?
    When Frodo comes into possession of the One Ring, the Fellowship begins to form.


    Lord of the Rings RPS

    What You Get
    LJ SNIPPET | PG | Viggo, Orlando | July 2003

    Moon Child

    LJ SNIPPET | PG | Kei, Sho | April 2003

    The Vampire Chronicles

    Dusk in Rio
    82KB | R | Lestat, Louis, David | August 1998
    Lestat, Louis and David spend a tense time together in Rio after the events of Tale of the Body Thief.

    This spec was nominated for best overall, 95-98.



    LJ SNIPPET | PG | Logan, Scott | Jan 2003

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