The "One Hundred Questions" format is wildly popular in Japan-- not just in PatiPati, but in NewsMaker, Pop Beat, Shoxx, you name it.  Along with the answer, sometimes symbols like heartmarks are printed.  I've  included these.   Translators notes (and the occasional bit of romanji) are in [square brackets].  May add more of these later.

Thanks to Jaana for help with the really difficult kanji.
--!Super Cat

One Hundred Questions and Answers
PatiPati Magazine, October 2001, translation by !Super Cat

Q1.  Looking at him objectively, what kind of person is Gackt?
A.    An eccentric.

Q2.  What colour reflects you today?
A.    Black.

Q3.  What's today's theme song?
A.     Lupin the 3rd.

Q4.  What is the one thing you cannot go a day without?
A.     Aozora tobacco.

Q5.  What do you do in your free time?
A.     Date.  *heartmark*

Q6.  What's your favourite season?
A.     Winter.

Q7.  A common saying.
A.    "Go home!  You amateur!"

Q8.  Are there any crazes you're caught up in at the moment?
A.    No.

Q9.  Which animal is most like you?
A.     A black panther.

Q10.  What's your favourite smell?
A.       The hint of shampoo in clean hair.

Q11.   A food you like?
A.       Kimchi.

Q12.  An alcohol you like?
A.      Vodka.

Q13.  What colour do you most often wear?
A.       Black.

Q14.  What is the best place to relax?
A.       Bed.

Q15.   Is there a saying or motto that you like?
A.       "If you put your mind to it, you could accomplish anything."

Q16.  Is there anything that makes you laugh aloud?
A.      No.

Q17.  A lie you've told?
A.      I haven't.

Q19.  Tell us one secret.
A.       I'm older than 462.

Q20.  What's do you get so involved in that you forget time is passing?
A.      Smoking tobacco.

Q21.  What's your favourite time of day?
A.       3-5 o'clock in the morning.

Q22.   Something that suits you.
A.       "Gackt."

Q23.   The part of your body you like best is:
A.       My heel.

Q24.   The sexiest part of your body is:
A.       My tongue.

Q25.  What's a memory from your childhood (the first thing you remember)?
A.       I was a baby-- sleeping in bed, and above me someone was shaking a rattle, I think.

Q26.  If you were a child again, what would you want to do?
A.      Become human.

Q27.  When you were a child, what was your favourite thing?
A.      Running away from home.

Q28.  When you were a child, who were the heros you aspired to?
A.      I didn't have heros.

Q29.  What's a book that you would like to read again and again?
A.       Kakugoriki, by Serujyu Genzuburu.

Q30.  A magazine you read regularly.
A.      MacFan.

Q31.  The movie that has moved you the most?
A.      Braveheart.

Q32.  Is there anything that you collect?
A.       Candles, skull figurines, knives, guns.

Q33.  The thing that you want most is:
A.       A young woman who rarely speaks.

Q34.  What are you spending money on at the moment?
A.       Decorating my room.

Q35.   What is the most expensive thing that you are wearing right now?
A.      My bracelet.

Q37.  What part of your room/thing in your room do you use the most?
A.       There's no place in my room that feels lived in.

Q38.  What is the one thing you would say your room lacks?
A.       The feeling of air, of the open sky.

Q39.  What's the most useless thing in your room?
A.       I don't have anything useless.

Q40.  What do you like to drink just after you get out of the bath?
A,       Grapefruit juice, Volvic bottled water.

Q41.  A song that you can't stop humming.
A.      Origa.

Q42.   Up to now, what's the happiest dream you've had?
A.       I haven't.

Q43.   Up to now, what's the scariest dream you've had?
A.       I dreamed I was trapped in a dream I couldn't wake from.

Q44.  When you meet someone for the first time what [which part] do you notice first?
A.      Their eyes, their ankles, the nape of their neck.

Q45.  What is the most imporant thing in human relationships?
A.      Trust.

Q46.  Something you're afraid of.
A.      Women.

Q47.  What's something that makes trouble for you?
A.       Tears.

Q48.   Something you absolutely don't want.
A.       To give up.

 Q49.  Do you go after the things you want?
A.       Yes, powerfully.

Q50.  Are you good at telling lies?
A.      Whenever I make something up, people see through me.

Q51.  What is something you've been wanting to try for a long time?
A.       Moonsault.     [This is a type of somersault].

Q52.  Recently, when did you cry?
A.      When I was happy.

Q53.  Do you have any protective talismans?
A.      A silver cross.

Q54.  What's your ideal method of transportation?
A.       Flying.

Q55.  What thing do you want most?
A.       Time to myself.

Q56.  Tell us your special secret skill.
A.      Moving, especially at sharp angles.

Q57.  Is there a sound you hate?
A.      The sound of crying.

Q58.  What's your weak point?
A.       The soles of my feet.

Q59.  How long can you be alone (no phone, no computer etc.)?
A.      A life time.

Q60.  If you could change one thing about your common sense, what would you change?
A.      I don't have any common sense.

Q61.  If you could use magic only once, what type of magic would you use?
A.      I'd make a magic book.

Q62.  If you could become someone else for a day, who would you be?
A.      I'd like to be satisfied with myself for just ten minutes.

Q63.  If you were a phantom thief, what would you try to steal?
A:       Nothing.

Q64.  If there was another you (an identical copy) what would you do?
A.      We'd make a third me.

Q65. What would you be if you weren't a musician?
A.     An assassin.

Q66.  What would you do if you couldn't sing?
A.      I told you already, assassinate someone.

Q67.  If you appeared in a movie, what character would you like to be?
A.      A-ssass-in.

Q68.  Which title would you like to have?
A.       I'll take whatever you give me.

Q69.  What do the people that you think, "You're great," about have in common?
A.       They look at everything, straight on, with a calm gaze.

Q70.  If you were a girl would you be attracted to the guy you are now?
A.      No, I think that would be a really bad idea, don't you?

Q71.  How many points would you give yourself as a cool/attractive guy?
A.      Points aren't important.

Q72.  When is a woman at her best?
A.       When she's lying down, naked.

Q73.   What does "love" mean to you?
A.        Giving.

Q74.    What do you think about infidelity?
A.        It's cheap, trashy.

Q75.  What type of women do you hate?
A.       I hate people who never stop talking.

Q76.  Up to now, what type of present have you been given that you haven't known what to do with?
A.      Animals.

Q77.  If you could have anything tailor made, what would it be?
A.      A country.

Q78.  If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A.      Women.

Q79.  What is a view or scene that you haven't been able to forget?
A.       I forgot . . .

Q80.  On a tour, what energizes you?
A.      Performing live.

Q81.  What's your favourite place at an amusement park?
A.       The lost children centre.

Q82.   Do practical jokes bother you?
A.       No, I'm in my right mind.

Q83.  If you could erase one thing from your life, what would it be?
A.       Myself.

Q84.  When you're worried about a problem, how do you solve it?
A.      I date.

Q87.  What would you say to someone who was drowning in the sea?
A.       The sea is beautiful, isn't it.

Q88.  When you're thinking, "Oh no," ("mou, dame da")  what tune comes into your head?
A.      Dame da, dame da, dame da.  *sings*

Q89.  This summer, what have you accomplished?
A.      Summer's over already?!

Q90.  What would you like to happen tomorrow?
A.       I would like my alarm clock not to go off.

Q91.  If the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you do?
A.      End it today.

Q92.  This year, what do you want to do?
A.       Date.

Q93.   What will you be doing in ten years?
A.        You tell me.

Q94.   What would you put into a time capsule that you'd open in twenty years?
A.       A time capsule that I couldn't open for another twenty years.

Q96.  What were you in a past life?
A.       Nn . . . .

Q97.  Make a prediction.
A.      Right now, you [the reader] are not laughing.

Q98.  What happens after death?
A.       It's not like birth.

Q99.  Please tell us a message for your fans.
A.       Be full of your own spirit.

Q100.  What is one thing that makes Gackt happy?
A.         Being able to give something.

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