Although Gackt has never confirmed it one way or the other, this song was (probably) written for Kami, the drummer for Malice Mizer, and Gackt's close friend, who died of a brain haemorrhage only months after Gackt left the band.  Kami's initials are UK; his full name was Ukyou Kamimura.
--!Super Cat

Music and lyrics by Gackt C.
English translation by !Super Cat

So . . .
Don't say a word
You're just a little bit scared now, so
Don't say a word
You're just a little bit sad now, so

In the final moments, I prayed so hard

Moon magic is . . . shalle a le rilla
A sweet-voiced whisper . . .
If my wish could be granted one more time
All I'd want is to hold your hand and to laugh with you

In dreams . . .
In memories I know we'll meet again

If I could just recapture your smiling face
When I think of you smiling
This sadness I feel becomes peaceful

Moon magic is . . .  shalle a le rilla
If I could just forget your tears
If I could just feel your tenderness
All I'd want is to sleep beside you

Moon magic, when it disappears
I have to say goodbye again
If my love could just reach you
All I'd want is to hold your hand and to dance with you

Into the light, to the place you must return to
I'll see you again, someday, somewhere

Translator's notes:   Despite the fact that the words are sad, there is something very cute about the construction of the lyrics in  U+K.  It begins with one of the cutest words in Japanese, dakara ("so...").  This word is the gateway through which we enter the lyrics, and it sets the rhythmical pattern for the rest of the song.  To put it simply, U+K is structured around words with the same rhythm all ending in --ara.   Shalle a la rilla (which is sung shararirara) is matched with kierunara, otozurerukara, tsutawarunara, wasurerunara, furerarerunara and so on.  (This is one case where you don't need to understand the words to appreciate the cute sound of the song construction).  The last word of the song is aerukara,  (lit. "because we'll meet"), which as you can see is very similar in sound to the first word of the song, dakara.  However, while "dakara . . ." is best translated as "so . . . ", it can also mean, "and because of that. . ."   So, the first and last line echo and relate to one another-- because we'll see each other again, because of that . . .   The whole song becomes like one continuous loop, the first line continuing from the last line.  (I'll see you again, someday, somewhere/so . . ./don't say a word  etc.).  Cuuute, huh?

Further notes:    In his live performances, Gackt dances and plays with cute giant cats on stage during this song.  I've never been quite sure what to make of U+K, which combines very sad lyrics with remarkably cute, happy music.  Confusingly, I am filled with delight every time I hear this song.

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