fan fiction: jrock


15KB | R | Due'le quartz; Miyabi, Kazuki | May 2002
Miyabi always gets what he wants.

Gackt / Miyavi

16KB | R | Gackt x Miyavi | Jan 2006
It wasn't happening how he was expecting, any of it.

Page torn out: Hello Sailor
16KB | R | PWP | Gackt x Miyavi | May 2007
Written for sevenswells & the 'page torn out' challenge. Prompt: Gackt/Miyavi, crossdressing in sailor suit + sex scene.

Page torn out: Cheap Wine
12KB | R | Gackt x Miyavi | Jan 2008
Written for xiaheylu & the 'page torn out' challenge. Prompt: Gackt/Miyavi, red wine + handcuffs.

WIP | R | S.K.I.N.; Gackt x Miyavi | Feb 2008
Being in S.K.I.N. wasn't like Miyavi had expected.

Gackt / Hyde

LJ | PG | Gackt, Hyde | Oct 2003
Gackt flirts.

Want for Nothing
16KB | PG | Gackt, Hyde | Feb 2008
It didn't happen in Taiwan. Nothing happened.

Gackt / La'Cryma Christi

Floating in Glass
50KB | R | Malice Mizer & La'Cryma Christi; Gackt, Taka | Feb-July 2002
As Malice Mizer falls apart, Gackt and Taka establish a friendship.

Gackt Job

WIP | R | AU | Gackt Job | Dec 2001-?
In the seedy Hong Kong of Gackt's Another World video, everything is for sale and nothing is as it seems. Choose your fragrance.

Doumoto Kyoudai

Shalle a la Rilla
26KB | R | Doumoto Kyoudai; Gackt x Tsuyoshi | July 2002
A date with Gackt?

Malice Mizer

LJ short | PG | Gackt, Mana | Dec 2002
Mana is shy.