This is the only song Gackt has written that is unquestionably for/about another man.  Blah blah blah.  He doesn't talk about it in interviews except to say that a "freesia" is a flower that symbolizes youth and innocence, and make of that what you will.
--!Super Cat


Freesia op.1
Music and lyrics by Gackt C.
English translation by !Super Cat

This small plaza is empty
But I still remember the two of us

I wonder if he even knew
What attracted us to each other

Gazing at each other, our looks fleeting and shy

Each time I felt his presence,
He was smiling gently

We never even exchanged words

Now it's more like a dream than a memory
The looks of that time have faded

Translator's notes:   In the sentence, kare wa shiteitta no ka na (I wonder if he knew), and later in kare no keihai (his presence), Gackt clearly uses the word kare (he) rather than kanojo (she).  In Japanese, the subject (in this case, the pronoun he) is usually omitted.  For Gackt to deliberately insert a pronoun (kare) into this otherwise very spare song doubly emphasizes that he is singing about a man, not a woman.

Further notes:  Freesia op. 1 is short for Freesia opus 1.   Opus is a form of classical notation used to differentiate pieces of music in the same "set" from each other.  Freesia op. 2 is an instrumental piece that showcases Gackt's (rather jaw-dropping) ability as a classical pianist.

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