Fragrance no. 8
    by !Super Cat
       The gun smoked in the silent warehouse; a white plume rising from the muzzle and disappearing into the air.  You didn't lower the weapon until he was sure. 

"You killed him."

"I know."

"You killed him," repeated Masa. 

"Masa--"  You's voice was a shocked breath, because Masa had found a nipple, his hands sliding approvingly under You's loose cotton shirt.  You pushed him away, determined not to do this here, no matter the range of Masa's desire.

"Take me to a hotel and do it to me, then," Masa said.

Incredulous. "He's dead.  He was the only one who--It's over and you want to fuck?"

The hotel was ten minutes away, convenient.  It wasn't long before Masa was face down on the bed, his ass raised, his arm grasping the bed post, the muscles in it straining as You pushed inside of him.  "Deeper," Masa gasped, "Fuck me.  Fuck me.  Unn . . . nnh . . ."  You found an initial rhythm and Masa's moans turned inarticulate with approval. 

You struggled not to come--not to think about--because Masa was the prettiest boy You had ever seen, except for-- (don't think about him-- not now, not--) and every stroke was driving him deeper into Masa's body.  He was losing himself in the rhythm, speeding up, when--

"It--doesn't have to be over," said Masa.


"Shut up," said You, the words harsh with emotion.

"You said--that guy was the only one who'd talk.  That--that isn't--You know someone who's closer to Chang than he was.  Closer," said Masa.  "Much clo--unnhh--"  You had taken Masa's cock in his fist and was pumping it hard, feeling Masa jerking beneath him, and suddenly Masa was coming in violent spurts against the sheet. 


Masa's body clenching around You's. Closer. Fuck, fuck--

"Gackt," You gasped, and came.

You grabbed hold of Masa's shoulder and flipped him over.   Masa stared back at him, his black eyes defiant.  They were both breathing heavily.  Masa usually got drowsy and kissy after sex, but this time he said, "Get off me."  Then, when You rolled off to sit on the side of the bed, "You're meeting him in an hour or so anyway, aren't you?"


"So it's not over," Masa said.

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