In the end, it was simple.

"I'm leaving the band," Gackt told Mana, who for one moment looked like something in his eyes had shattered. 

But Mana's face quickly became a blank mask, the blankness spreading out from the centre until there was nothing in his eyes, and when he saw it, that look of nothing, Gackt took an involuntary step back.

"Do you think I don't know," said cold, perfect Mana, "exactly what you've done to this band.  What you've been doing.  You've convinced yourself that you're better than us because you're fucking a real singer.  All the while you have Kami dancing on a string to prove that you still have control over Malice Mizer.  Pretty Gackt with his pretty blue eyes, he draws people in with his innocence and his strangeness, and then he has the arrogance to think that he is the victim while he is causing their lives to fall apart."

"Is that what you think?" said Gackt, his voice raw.

"Get out," said Mana.  "Don't come back."


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