Music pounding in his ears, and with the taste of that kiss on his lips a wild craving opened inside of Taka:  to go after Gackt, to push him up against the bar and just take what he'd been teased with since the day they'd met; Taka's mind flashed on every touch, every seemingly innocent endearment, every time he'd wanted to--

"If I were you, I'd go after him," said Shuse, and that was typical Shuse, and of course for a moment Taka thought he meant Gackt.

He meant Hiro.

The club was hidden in the maze of back streets behind the 109 building, an area known as Love Hotel Hill, and in Shibuya even the back streets were crowded.  Pushing his way out of the place, Taka made it to the first corner before he caught a flash of Hiro's long, dark hair.  A sign to the left advertising, Rest: 4,000 yen, Stay: 8,000 yen, was flashing in pink neon.  "Hiro, wait--" he called, and then didn't know what to do.  The thought of what he had just done in front of Hiro made Taka's stomach churn, and he was sick with the idea that he would have to explain himself. 

Hiro stopped but didn't turn around.

"Are we--still--"

"Friends?" said Hiro.


"I wouldn't do something to hurt our friendship," said Hiro in a hollow voice.  "It's too important to me."

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

"Please go back inside.  I'm going now."  Almost too softly to be heard.

Hiro walked away, and Taka, who let him go, never saw his face, just heard his calm, dead voice and saw the last elegant swish of his beautiful long hair.

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