In Japan, Christmas is a romantic holiday, like Valentine's day, not a family-oriented (or religious) holiday like it is back home.

Everything in italics is in English in the original
--!Super Cat

12gatsu no Love Song
("December Love Song")
Music and lyrics by Gackt C.
English translation by !Super Cat

The city spills over with December hustle and bustle
Waving a small hand, someone calls out the name of their loved one

Lovers' kindness envelops everything, but in this city, winter comes just a little faster

You're my love, so I'll smile forever
You're my beloved, so I'll hold you forever

While I look at a show-window, a couple passes by, arm in arm,
While I wait for you, my thoughts ride off on white breaths

Powdered snow drifts down from the vaulted sky, and our distance closes, softly

I whispered into your ear on a still, quiet night, and once again I softly murmur

You're my love, so I'll smile forever
You're my beloved, so I'll hold you forever

I'll hold only you, forever

Hold only you . . .

Translator's notes: This song revolves around the words, taisetsuna hito and daisukina hito, which mean most precious person, and most loved person. These are fairly common words in Japanese, and they are taken quite seriously-- they do not carry the over-the-top, kittens and roses feel of their English equivalents. However, it seems like the only way to translate them is to use drekky, horrible Hallmark words like my love, my darling, my precious one or beloved. Yuck. Apologies.

Further notes: There is something wonderfully sad about this song. The fragile, sad feeling has something to do with the warmth of love in lonely winter. I love it. (I hated it the first time I heard it, I thought it was synthy, overproduced, and terrible. Then somewhere along the line, I fell in love).