The library was empty except for Rika, who sat at a table by the wall, reading. Anji sauntered in, knowing the place would be unsupervised. He slid into the chair opposite Rika, who calmly continued reading.

"You're pretty transparent, Rika, rooming with Tetsu's brother."

Rika didn't look up.

"You're lucky Gil has you on a loose leash. He'd never let any of the other Qs get away with something like this."

Rika lifted his gaze from the page. His blue eyes, behind the reading glasses, were like steel.

Anji smiled sweetly. "Oh, I forgot, you're not a Q anymore. It's just, you get fucked so often . . . it's hard for me to remember that you're an Ace like the rest of us."

A minute or two later, Anji was sprawled out on his back on the table, his wrists pinned.

"You wish you never made it to Ace, Anji. You hate being on top," said Rika, gazing down at him.

"You'd roll over for a first year, Rika," Anji shot back.

"But I'd fuck you," said Rika. "I'd fuck you the way you want Gil to fuck you. The way you wish Maki knew you wanted it--you're never going to get it how you like it from that insipid pet."

Eyes flashing, Anji did what he had to: got on top where he belonged. He left Rika on the table soon after, unable to move, the paralysis psychosomatic, his eyes glassy and his shirt undone, an open invitation to the other students, should they come into the library.

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