"Fuck me, Rika! Riiiiiiika!" called a first year from somewhere behind him. Hiro, on his way to the dorm room, stopped short at the sight of the Salon executive walking together across the school grounds. Rika walked behind Gil, his jacket thrown over one shoulder, casually. Anji was to his left, and on either side of them, Miyamae and Takahashi. "I want to be in the Salon so bad," Hiro heard the first year continue, "look at them--Anji!" The youthful voice rose, adoringly, "Anji! Rape me, I'm right here!"

Anji, hearing this, looked over, his eyes opaque with bored sophistication. He snorted under his breath.

Forget it, his expression said.

A heavy arm fell over Rika's shoulder--Gil. He was not only older than Rika, he was taller as well. Lank black hair and lazily glittering eyes presided over a square jaw stubbled with three day growth on his face. He was the only boy in the Salon who looked like a man.

"You're watching him," Gil murmured.

Rika was silent. Hiro was walking away from them, across the grounds, making for the dormitory.

"With Hotaru gone, it's going to be harder for you to pretend like you're not interested in him," said Gil, his dangerous voice purring.

"I'm not interested in him."

Rika was built differently, long lashes and smooth cheeks, he would never have Gil's brand of masculinity.

(Qs exist to be fucked. That's why you'll always be a Q, Rika.)

"I want him to join the Salon," said Gil.

"He won't. He doesn't want to."

(Even after you get out of this school, you'll never become a K.)

"Hotaru did. Hotaru let himself get raped by four guys while they dunked his head in a plastic bucket full of ice water." Gil's voice was casual as his arm dropped to slide around Rika's waist. "Convince Hiro to join the Salon."

(If you don't want to get destroyed by the system, become the best Q there is, Rika.)

Tetsu said, just before he pushed his fingers into Rika's mouth.

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