fan fiction: books and films

Harry Potter

All Save the Good
52KB | PG | Snape, Draco | spoilers: GoF | Jan 2005
Sometimes you find it is the most unexpected people who have what it takes to be a hero.

Lord of the Rings

School of Rings
WIP | high school AU | R | Aragorn/Legolas | spoilers: FotR | Jan 2003
When Frodo comes into possession of the One Ring, the Fellowship begins to form.

Lord of the Rings RPS

What You Get
LJ | PG | Viggo, Orlando | July 2003
Orlando lives on the surface.

The Lymond Chronicles

LJ drabble | PG | Lymond, Marthe, Jared | spoilers: Checkmate | March 2005
Twinned, they faced each other.

Moon Child

LJ | PG | Kei, Sho | spoilers: Moon Child | April 2003

The Vampire Chronicles

92KB | R | Lestat, Louis, David | spoilers: TotBT | May 2006
What in me is dark, illumine. Book one of a Vampire Chronicles trilogy.

Dusk in Rio
82KB | R | Lestat, Louis, David | spoilers: TotBT | August 1998
Rio after the events of Tale of the Body Thief.