Everything in italics is in English in the original.


Boku wa shitteru
("I know")
Music and lyrics by Miyavi
English translation by supacat

I know, I know, I know
That I know who you are, but
That you don't even know my name

I know, I know, I know
That you like someone
And that when you're with that person, you look really happy

I know, I know, I know
That when you're on the way back from a date with that person, you love to get coffee at that place you always go to
Well, because that coffee's my speciality

I can't tell jokes, or make you laugh
Or talk without complaining
But if you like, I can always pour you a little bitter coffee

I know, I know, I know
That when you happened to show your face alone, you looked really sad
"Maybe it was too bitter?" well
I also know that's not it

One thing I really don't know about you
Is how come I've come to like you so much?

I know, I know, I know
That the real reason you haven't come by recently isn't the taste
Because on that last rainy day, it wasn't rain on your cheeks

I can't hold you on cold nights
And I can't lie with you until morning
But if you want to drink a little bitter coffee
Stop by any time

So, until then, stay well.

Translator's notes: So cute! So easy to translate. Yes, that's all. That's my only note.

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