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A Timely Inn
15KB | PG | Gattsu | spoilers: all (anime) | Dec 2004
Gattsu just wants to eat.

Fushigi Yuugi

A World Without a Miko
WIP | AU | R | Nakago x Hotohori | spoilers: all (series) | Nov 1999 - ?
Miaka and Yui have failed to appear, and the shogun Nakago has taken control of Kutou. His new designs focus on Konan, and on Konan's Emperor, Hotohori.

Become What You Must
50KB | R | Nakago, Tamahome | spoilers: all (series) | Oct 2003
Set during the 'black Tamahome' arc. See what you become.

Somewhat A Miss
LJ | R | Kouji x Hotohori | spoilers: ep 14 | Dec 2002
Don't get drunk. Don't let them know you're not a woman.

Hikaru no Go

12KB | PG | Ogata/Akira | spoilers: all (anime, manga) | Sep 2006
For the Blind Go challenge.

LJ | PG | Hikaru, Akira | spoilers: all (anime) | Dec 2004
Sai's gone, but maybe he left marks.

our distance and that person
LJ | PG | Ogata, Akira | spoilers: all (anime, manga) | March 2005
For the 30 kisses project.

Kaikan Phrase

All That You Want
LJ | R | Sakuya, Yuki | spoilers: ep 13 | 2001
Maybe neither of them knows what they want.

Koko wa Greenwood

Public Spirits
26KB | PG | Misturu, Shinobu | spoilers: The Phantom of Greenwood | Dec 1999
An alternate ending to the episode The Phantom of Greenwood.

Pet Shop of Horrors

LJ short | PG | Leon, Count D | spoilers: vol 1 | Jan 2003
Puppies are adoring creatures.

Shiiku-gakari Rika

The Broken Window
50KB | R | Hiro, Rika | spoilers: 上 下 | Oct 2002 - Feb 2003
In a school where only the strongest survive, you can get inside if you break the lock.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Only You
29 KB | R | Akio x Touga (sort of) | spoilers: all (anime) | April 2000
A backwards story about the manipulations of the Student Council President, Kiryuu Touga.

The Prince and the Pauper
25KB | R | Touga x Saionji (sort of) | spoilers: ep 13; movie | Dec 2000
The sweet childhood friendship between Touga and Saionji. (Less sweet if you've seen the movie or know the series.)

25KB | R | Akio x Touga (sort of) | spoilers: ep 26 | Jan 2002
Set just after Keiko's black rose duel; Touga wakes to ask a question and take a ride in Mikage's elevator.

LJ short | R | Touga, Saionji, Akio | spoilers: ep 35 | Jan 2003
Does a drive always have to have a destination?

Hey Saionji
LJ short | R | Touga, Saionji | spoilers: all (anime) | Jan 2003
"Hey, Saionji . . ."

Supersonic Angel Engine

ore igai no tenshi wa aho da
LJ short | PG | Renji, Sumire | spoilers: vol 1 | Nov 2002
"Except for me, angels are a bunch of assholes."

Tokyo Babylon / X: 1999

No Balm in Gilead
12KB | PG | Subaru, Seishirou | spoilers: Tokyo Babylon | Jan 1999
Subaru and Seishirou meet up one night some time after the events of Tokyo Babylon.

No Balm in Gilead won an award!
It was also reviewed as a Fanfic Spotlight selection. 

Green but for a Season
12KB | PG | Subaru, Kamui | spoilers: X | Nov 1999
Subaru's past hasn't necessarily left him sympathetic to Kamui.

Weiss Kreuz

Part and Whole
15KB | PG | Aya, Youji | spoilers: all (original series) | Dec 2001
It's a routine night off for Aya.

Bound and Determined
LJ | R | Aya, Youji | spoilers: all (original series) | 2001
Slave!Aya. No really.

Yami no Matsuei

LJ short | PG | Muraki | spoilers: all (anime) | Feb 2003