A Last Time for Everything
 by !Super Cat

Story in progress

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Spoilers and Canon

A Last Time for Everything is set pre-Voyager and very early in the Deep Space Nine timeline.  However, be warned that it contains a lot of spoilers for Voyager season one, Deep Space Nine seasons one through five and the Maquis episodes of The Next Generation


The science in A Last Time for Everything is as accurate as myself and beta could make it with this exception:   Occasionally, the science is wildly inaccurate in a way that is consistant with Star Trek canon.  Just to choose one example, there is no such thing as an m-class asteriod, but the Voyager crew beam down to one in the episode Emanations, and Sisko moonlights on one (with trees on it! trees!) in The Maquis, parts 1 & 2. Just because it's impossible doesn't mean it's impossible in the Star Trek universe, sort of mentality.


Thank you to the original SABers,  Maz, T'Lyr, whitecrow, arachne, Mandragora and Andrea, who have all written amazing C/P.  I still remember the millions of jokes about baskets of melons and "the hands! the hands!"  Those days were like the golden age of the internet for me. 

Thank you Meg, for beta reading something impossible.  We'll get there!

--Cat, December 2001