Table of Contents
    Part I 
    In which the scene is set. Paris and Chakotay prepare for an away mission together.  

    Part II 
    Chakotay pervs on Tom's . . . Academy records. Paris succumbs to the pressure of fanfic precedent and Does What He Must for Voyager. By a sheer miracle no one gets slammed up against a wall. 

    Part III 
    The EMH is officious, the fallout begins, and Paris is utterly bamboozled. 

    Part IV 
    'The name's Kim. Harry Kim'.  

    Part V 
    In which the End is Nigh. 

    Part VI 
    In which the End is not quite as Nigh as Cat previously anticipated.  

    Part VII 
    In which Paris shows Chakotay something private, though probably not private enough to satisfy those who have waited four years to read about it. 

    Part VIII  
    Sawwy, Part VIII is not yet active. 

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